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Brandon Riggles

Brandon Riggles


Brandon Riggles, affectionately known as Big B, stands as the fearless leader at the helm of S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company, a position he has earned through hard work and dedication. As the son of Diane and Brian, the founders of the company, Brandon’s journey into the world of Candy & Plush Toys, Rubber Ducks, and Games began at an early age.

Growing up surrounded by candy, toys, and games, Brandon embraced his role as the unofficial tester, a title jokingly bestowed upon him since kindergarten. However, his official tenure with the company spans six years, during which Brandon has demonstrated unwavering commitment and diligence. While pursuing a full-time education at UMSL in business studies, Brandon simultaneously immersed himself in the family business, eager to learn every facet.

Brandon’s contributions to the growth of the company are immeasurable, particularly in expanding sales and enhancing customer experiences. With a hands-on approach, Brandon personally engages with customers, alongside his sister and mother, ensuring quality and attentiveness to their needs. His responsiveness and customer-centric approach have propelled both the game and product sides of the business forward.

Listening keenly to customer feedback, Brandon has curated a selection of top-quality Plush Toys, establishing S&B as the go-to vendor for not only candy and toy mixes, but specializing in top quality Crane Product, including rubber ducks. His visionary leadership and strategic insights have positioned the company as a trusted industry leader, synonymous with quality Games, Product and Service.

Beyond the boardroom, Brandon’s talents extend to the realm of athletics, where his prowess in golf has earned him acclaim, including a remarkable hole-in-one achievement. An avid adventurer, Brandon finds solace in hiking, boating, and exploring the countryside and beyond. Speaking of beyond…. Brandon is once again looking forward to seeing our partners in China this late Spring.

As he continues to lead with passion, integrity, and innovation, Brandon Riggles is proud to be continuing the family legacy and excited to be at the helm shaping the future of S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company.

Diane Riggles

Diane Riggles

Vice President

Diane Riggles is the Owner and Vice President of both S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

Alongside her husband Brian, Diane founded S&B over 30 years ago, starting from their garage and steadily growing the business into a recognized industry leader. Renowned as trendsetters, they have garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious Innovator of the Year award.

With roots deeply entrenched in the amusement industry, Diane and Brian’s prior experience in operations and marketing for a prominent arcade/FEC chain laid the foundation for their success. They developed the “Win Every Time” crane and expanded their route of arcades and street locations across the Midwest, establishing a strong presence in the market.

Operating out of a sprawling 80,000 square foot warehouse with commanding views of the St. Louis Arch, S&B Candy and Toy Company symbolizes their commitment to growth and excellence. Diane epitomizes Midwest Hospitality, despite her origins in Lancaster, PA. Her background in Fashion Marketing led her to St. Louis in 1991, where she worked as a merchandiser for Webster Menswear, setting the stage for her entrepreneurial journey.

Diane’s multifaceted persona extends beyond business; she is an avid supporter of the Baltimore Ravens, showcasing her passion for sports. Her recent appearance on the Jumbo Tron during the halftime show of the Baltimore Ravens vs. TN Titans Football game in London, England, made waves, adding to her memorable experiences.

Travel holds a special place in Diane’s heart, with a bucket list ambition to explore all seven continents. Having already checked Europe & Asia off her list, she embraces new adventures with enthusiasm, as evidenced by her favorite Christmas gift—a new suitcase.

Above all, Diane takes immense pride in owning and operating a family business grounded in quality, attention to detail, and service excellence. Seeing her son Brandon assume the role of President, having her daughter Brooke by her side as Executive Assistant, and benefiting from her husband’s guidance in his retirement bring her immense joy and fulfillment. Diane’s journey exemplifies the epitome of entrepreneurial success intertwined with family values and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Brooke Riggles

Brooke Riggles

Assistant VP of Sales

Brooke Riggles, as the Executive Owner’s Assistant at S&B Candy and Toy, brings a unique perspective to the company as the daughter of co-owner Dianne Riggles. Her deep connection to S&B stems from her familial ties, ingrained even before her birth. With one and a half years of experience in her current role, Brooke’s contributions are indispensable to the day-to-day operations of the business.

Despite her youth, Brooke possesses a captivating blend of grace, evident in her princess-like walk, and a robust work ethic that sees her tackle tasks head-on. Colleagues frequently seek her out for advice and support, recognizing her significance within the organization.

Brooke’s academic achievements are equally impressive, as she has two degrees.

Despite Brooke’s full-time job here at S&B, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree, embodying the essence of a dedicated and ambitious young professional.

Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Brooke’s personal anecdotes add charm to her character, and she remains grounded, cherishing moments of laughter and fun with her friends and family.

Brooke relishes every opportunity to escape her bustling schedule for extended weekends and nurtures a deep-seated desire to travel to every continent someday, infusing her aspirations with a spirit of adventure and exploration.

Ron Blue

Ron Blue

Head Tech, Parts Manager, and Sales Executive

Ron Blue is undeniably a cornerstone of S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company, embodying dedication and expertise within the gaming industry

Ron was born in Hahn Germany but proudly calls St. Louis home.

Ron is a hands-on guy, and loves training his team on the mechanics of our games; earning him the title of Games Guru or Head Technician.

Despite his technical prowess, Ron’s love for interacting with people has led him to also take on the role of a Senior Sales Team Member, showcasing his versatility within the company. With an impressive tenure of 26 years, Ron is deeply ingrained in the fabric of S&B, akin to family. His unwavering dedication is exemplified by his perpetual availability; his cell phone is always within reach, reflecting his commitment to customer service.

Ron enjoys sharing stories and engaging with others, making him an ideal representative at various trade shows in Las Vegas and Orlando. Customers consistently praise Ron for his exceptional service and willingness to assist, regardless of the time. His passion for the KISS Rock Group, mirrored in the British Invasion Game, underscores his inspirations and interests. Having attended numerous shows and even met the performers, Ron’s enthusiasm for music fuels his adventurous spirit, which is also evident in his fondness for amusement parks.

Ron Blue’s contributions make him an integral part of S&B and St. Louis Game Company’s success, embodying professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Wes Alexander

Wes Alexander

Graphic Design and Marketing

Wes Alexander, the creative force behind S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company’s production studio, brings energy and innovation to his role as Product Director and Videographer. His enthusiasm for his work is palpable, as he revels in the opportunity to engage with plush toys and showcase products and games through his lens.

Joining the company four years ago, Wes sought creative autonomy, and his creative genius shines through in every aspect of his work, from videography to graphic design and newsletter creation. With a diverse background spanning web design, development, and ownership, Wes’s expertise is evident in the quality of his productions.

Wes’s commitment to teamwork extends beyond his primary responsibilities, as he frequently assists the operations team in ensuring timely order fulfillment for valued customers. His passion for volunteering and team spirit are evident in his willingness to lend a hand wherever needed.

Looking ahead, Wes plans to indulge in beer tasting adventures in Europe, with Switzerland topping his bucket list. His thirst for new experiences mirrors his dedication to excellence in his professional endeavors, making him an invaluable asset to the company’s success.

Steve Buchholz

Steve Buchholz

Tech and Parts Support

Steven Buchholz, affectionately known for his can-do attitude and for his handy skills as our Machine Tech. Steve is will to tackle any challenge, which mirrors his aptitude for solving crossword puzzles, a testament to his sharp intellect and curiosity to always learn more. With just celebrating his one-year anniversary with us, Steven has already made a significant impact on our team, and when he is not fixing machines, he wears numbers hats from attending trade shows to help helping with a myriad of tasks on the St. Louis Game Company side to also assisting with everything S&B Candy and Toy.

Hailing from St. Charles, Missouri, one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the nation, Steven embodies the resilient spirit of the Midwest. His can-do attitude and knack for fixing what others can’t make him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Beyond the workshop, Steven finds solace in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like riding motorcycles, four-wheelers, fishing, and boating. His sense of adventure extends to his desire to travel to every state, seeking new experiences and thrills along the way. Not one to shy away from adrenaline-pumping experiences, Steven’s love for skydiving underscores his appetite for adventure and excitement.

In every aspect of his life, Steven Buchholz exemplifies a spirit of resourcefulness, adventure, and unwavering determination, making him a cherished member of our team and a beacon of inspiration for those around him.

Tom Galczynski

Tom Galczynski

Warehouse Manager

Tom Galcynski, a native of Festus, Missouri, just 34 miles south of S&B Candy & Toy, serves as the Warehouse Guru for S&B. In his role, he acts as the quarterback, working closely with Brandon, the President, to orchestrate the shipping, receiving, and packaging of all products, including toys, mixes, and candy, ensuring timely delivery to valued customers.

With almost 10 months of experience at S&B, Tom is integral to the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

Outside of work, Tom is known for his passion for making incredible homemade jerky, a skill admired by his friends. Despite the demands of his warehouse duties, Tom finds time for his hobbies, including juggling, and showcasing his ability to balance multiple tasks with ease. In his personal life, Tom aspires to achieve a better work-life balance, with dreams of one day visiting the UK.

Harry Lunt

Harry Lunt

New Business Development and International Travel

Harry Lunt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company, from his distinguished career in the international travel, cruise, and luxury resorts industry. With a background in luxury hospitality training, team leadership, and brand development, Harry’s skills are highly transferrable and valuable to any business focused on customer satisfaction and excellence.

Having worked extensively with INTRAV and Renaissance Cruise Line, Harry has curated unforgettable experiences for travelers around the world. His tenure with these prestigious companies, including being recognized as part of the Traveler’s Century Club, speaks to his deep understanding of global hospitality and luxury travel trends.

In his roles as Director, General Manager, and Senior Vice President, Harry has successfully opened and re-flagged numerous hotels and resorts, including notable establishments like the St. Regis in Aspen and the Waldorf Astoria in Dana Point. His ability to lead teams, manage operations, and drive results has been evident in the accolades and awards he has received throughout his career, such as the Mobil Five-Star Award and recognition from Condé Nast.

Furthermore, Harry’s partnership with SGEi and TV appearances on Resort Rescue (The Travel Channel) showcase his commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within the hospitality industry. His proficiency in areas such as product management, branding, marketing, and social media underscores his comprehensive skill set and his dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Overall, Harry Lunt’s addition to S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company brings a unique perspective and a proven track record of success in elevating customer satisfaction and driving business growth. His leadership, expertise, and passion for excellence make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Harry has literally traveled the globe, and at present, he has. 150 pins in his world map which represents the number of countries and he has visited. Harry has cultivated a vast array of both personal and professional contacts from around the globe. His contacts and international relations, coupled with vendor contacts from every region of the globe including manufacturing are the perfect fit for our growing game and product business.

how s&B came to be

About Our Founder

Brian Riggles has been a driving force behind the innovation and success of Game Rooms, Street Locations, FEC’s and Pool Halls along with running an award-winning Candy, Toy and Game Company within the amusement industry for over five decades.

Many entrepreneurs seem to know what they wanted to be from an early age, and the same can be said of Brian, who cut his teeth in the bar and entertainment industry from a young age.

Brian’s early days:

In 1981 at age 15, Brian had a summer job working for his mom’s brother Danny Meyer, on Miller’s Island in Maryland. At (yes…) 4 am each and every morning, Brian had a real man’s job, working on a Crabbing Boat, on the Chesapeake Bay pulling up over 300 crap pots (everyday, rain or shine) by hand.

As Brian said, “Hard work, you bet”, but watching the sunrise everyday over the horizon line on the Bay every morning sure made it worth it.”

Across the street from Miller’s Island Crab Supply, was a local bar called, Ramona’s Beach Bar. It was a dream place for families to take their kids and let them swim, play games and eat plenty of crab.

Well, it just so happened that the owner was Brian’s Uncle Dan’s daughter.

Brian’s cousin saw how eager Brain was to work and earn money. So, they hired Brian, and next thing you know, Brian actually had two summer jobs.

That following summer, a year older and wiser and more mature, Brian at 16 was asked to watch the bar, from time to time, so that his cousin to tend to their other business, that being their Crab Fishing Supply Store.

The gaming “seed is planted”:

Brian harkens back remembers getting a phone call at the bar, where his cousin informed Brian that their Game Vendor would be coming by the bar to collect money out of the gaming machines. The bar’s machines consisted of: Two Pool Tables, the Bride of Pin-bot (pinball) a few video games and a foosball.

His cousin said, the vendor will count the money in front of you and the vendor will get ½ and we (our bar) will get the other half.

Brian vividly recalls the collected amount totaled, $1,000. That was a pretty staggering amount for a guy who was working pulling crab pots each day. Brian asked how often they did the money count and the vendor said three to four times per month. Brian’s response was…

“I know what I want to do for a living”. That same vendor ended up taking Brian under his proverbial “wing” and when Brian Graduated, he helped Brian open two pool halls, and a couple of arcades. After years of success, Brian was approached by a large arcade chain called Time-Out. Their corporate headquarters were in St. Louis.

Moving to the Show Me State:

Brian ended up selling his business in Baltimore back to the vendor and he packed up his bags and headed to the Show Me State, taking a new job in St. Louis, MO.

Brian was with Time-Out for 18 months and opened three FEC’s called Exhilarama. The 50,000 sq. feet facilities were very large for those days…they featured party rooms, laser tag, bumper cars and a large redemption center to collect your prize. Brian really loved his job, but unfortunately, the powers to be sold off the entertainment division to Nickel & Dimes.

Brian had an offer to relocate, however, he had met the love of his life, and he knew that from the first time he laid his eyes on Diane, that she was the one. Brian (to this day) still says, “That was the best decision I ever made”.

How it all began:

The forming of S&B (Steve & Brian) developed with Brian was working for Edison Brothers. Brian had met Steve Tini, who was an executive at Edison Brothers. Steve really saw something in Brian, and seeing as Steve was from Philly, and Brian from Baltimore; with East Coast Roots, the two of them decided to form deeper roots with the founding of S&B Candy & Toy. Their humble beginnings were folding tables in Brian’s garage in 1991.

Years later, Brian, and Diane Riggles decided to buyout Steve, and the two of them dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the growth and development of S&B for over 30 years.

You have heard the stories of startup businesses, they wore every hat, learning and doing every job from purchasing to shipping and receiving to overseas travel and trade shows…you name it, they did it. Their first team member was none other than Marty Luepker, who was in charge of sales, and needless to say, Marty was an integral part of the triad. We mention Marty here in Brian’s bio, as Marty recently (he was taken way to early) passed away.

S&B Candy & Toy has undergone a significant evolution, with Brian serving as Founder, CEO and President. Under Brian’s watch, he has grown into a prominent manufacturer and supplier of prize machines and merchandise. With S&B’s national headquarters now spanning over 80,000 square feet, the company epitomizes the success of a family-owned and operated business.

Work hard, play hard has made Brian the man that he is today!

Brian Riggles’ visionary leadership has been pivotal in creating numerous games and products.

Brian was the first person to bring the Winner Every Time Crane to the Market. He found the machine in a small video store in West Palm Beach when he was only 25 years old. The Manufacture made a few of them and were testing them in local places. Brian called the number on the machine and told the person on the other end that he loved this idea. Thirty-three years later, the Winner Every Time feature is a standard option on all cranes made by the manufacturer. It revolutionized the crane machine worldwide!

The company’s flagship “Winner-Every-Time” crane machines, including the Route 66 and Carnival Candy Cranes, have reshaped the industry by guaranteeing wins for players and ensuring consistent revenue streams for operators.

Supported by dedicated team members with over 150 years of combined experience in serving the redemption, family entertainment, and coin-operated amusement community, S&B Candy & Toy has solidified its leadership position in crane merchandise.

30 Years of Success:

Under Brian’s guidance, S&B has expanded its product line with the groundbreaking Prize Express, a patented unit seamlessly merging crane gameplay with a light-driven merchandise game. This innovative approach offers players the chance to win larger prizes or receive coupons

for promotional opportunities. (The company’s dedication to innovation and excellence earned it the prestigious Innovator Award from the Amusement and Music Operators Association.

With an extensive network of locations to test new equipment and partnerships with eleven factories worldwide, S&B Candy & Toy continues to push the boundaries of the amusement industry. Brian Riggles’ vision and unwavering commitment to forward momentum and innovation have been pivotal in driving the company’s growth and success, transforming crane games into immersive, LED-infused experiences.

The future is bright:

Deeply rooted in the amusement industry with hands-on experience in operations and marketing, S&B Candy & Toy remains a trusted resource for its loyal customer base. As the company looks towards the future, Brian Riggles has passed the reins to his son Brandon, who has spent his entire life involved with S&B and has served for the past six years. Brandon now holds the title of President, with Diane, his mother, serving as Vice President of Operations for over three decades.

They are both supported by Brooke Riggles, who serves as the Executive Assistant. Brian has assumed the role of retired Chairman of the Board, proud to witness the continued improvement in the quality of products and games. As he enjoys his retirement, Brian will remain available to lend his expertise to the family-owned and operated business while cherishing moments with his wife, kids, and friends, hosting sports watch parties, and enjoying boating adventures. The future remains bright as S&B’s commitment to service and quality continues to earn the support of its customer base.